August 16, 2009

SA Haiku group members, Lyn Arden, Belinda Broughton, Alex Ask and Marilyn Linn met on 1st August at the SA Writers Centre. Some of the members went out for a ginko in the back alleys or the Botanic Gardens.

After a hour we met again and spent the rest of the meeting looking at each other’s work
and making suggestions for improvements. We find this most valuable, as we learn a lot
from one another during the process.

By Belinda Broughton

Haiku Society of America 2009 Mildred Kanterman Memorial Merit Book Awards

Congratulations to all the winning authors and editors, HSA 2009 Mildred Kanterman Memorial Merit Book Awards for Excellence in Published Haiku, Translation and Criticism – an’ya and Cherie Hunter Day, Judges.

The FIrst Place award is for Best First Book and is made possible by Leroy Kanterman, co-founder of the Haiku Society of America , in memory of his wife Mildred Kanterman.

First Place for Best First Book: “a wattle seedpod” – Lorin Ford
Post Pressed 207/50 Macquarie St , Teneriffe, Qld, 4005 Australia .

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