Haiku Dreaming Australia – June 2010 Report

Note this resource is available, but submissions have closed.


Haiku Dreaming Australia started in 2006 as an online publication to encourage the writing of haiku relevant to Australia, and to provide a permanent display of the best of these. The background and rationale are given in Dreaming’s online articles.

How it Works:
I, as editor, review haiku publications and select material for the Dreaming Collection. In addition many poets directly submit their poems (over 1000 to date) and editors draw my attention to poems they think I should consider. In 2009 I sponsored an international haiku competition (Judges: Janice Bostok, Lorin Ford, Ron Moss and Rob Scott) which yielded 28 haiku for Dreaming, including 8 from overseas. Of the thousands of haiku considered in the last four years I have accepted and published 362.

I remove haiku from the Collection to the Dreaming Archives as guided by peer reviews I receive. 134 of the 362 haiku selected have since been removed to the Archives leaving 228 currently in the Collection. At this stage 200-250 seems a reasonable population.. Of the initial 120 haiku published in 2006, 19 survive.

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