one moment please: a one day haiku workshop with Maureen Sexton

Sunday 15th August 2010, Wild Fig Jam Cottage

What is haiku? Why has it become so popular?

Part I of this workshop will run from 10 am – 12 noon and will address the following topics:

a brief history of haiku
haiku purpose
defining haiku
stopping the mind chatter
are syllables important?
fragment and phrase theory
techniques for writing haiku

the stillness –
soaking into stones
cicada’s cry

— Matsuo Basho

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NZPS International Poetry Competition Results

Cloudcatchers has become a thriving group of haiku enthusiasts on the Far North Coast of New South Wales. The aim of each participant is to explore haiku in an individual way. For some this is reading; for most it involves writing haiku. A number of us send our writings to haiku publications and to competitions.

The results of the New Zealand Poetry Society International Poetry Competition (Haiku section) 2010 have just been announced. I am delighted to tell you that first and third prizes were won by Quendryth Young, with John Bird and Helen Davison receiving Commended awards; Helen for two of her haiku. Quendryth also won the ‘Jeanette Stace Memorial Prize’ for Senior Haiku 2010.

I thank Quendy, who has for several years organized our meetings, checked out suitable venues, coordinated post-ginko round robins and kept us all informed of competitions we might enter. I am so happy to see her achievements.

Nathalie Buckland