Bindii at Words @ Wall 16 March 2011

Friendly Street Poets and the State Library of South Australia will present late afternoon performances of Japanese Poetry Genres in Adelaide on Wednesday 16 March.

The readings will run from 5:30pm to 6:15pm at the Treasures Wall, upstairs in the State Library, North Terrace Adelaide. Light refreshments will be provided.

The event will include traditional Japanese poetry, contemporary poetry by Hiromichi Ikeda and poetry composed by members of the Bindii Poetry Group. Poems will be read by Maeve Archibald, Lynette Arden, Belinda Broughton, Dawn Colsey, Jill Gower and Athena Zaknic.

Bindii 5 March 2011

Present: Maeve Archibald, Lesley Charlesworth, Veronica Shanks, Athena Zaknic, Lyn Arden, Belinda Broughton, Helen Pryor, Jill Gower, Rosemary Davidson, Judith Ahmed, Dawn Colsey, Rachael Mead, Margaret Rawlinson.

Apologies: Pam Brow, Robin Sinclair, Marilyn Linn, Alex Ask, Belinda Broughton, Margaret Fensom, Noela Maletz.

General Business:
Bindii reading at the State Library of South Australia. 5.30 pm on Wed 16th March. The event is the first of the series of monthly readings at the Treasures Wall in the library organized by Friendly St poets for 2011. The work of 16 of our poets is represented.

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