Red Dragonflies meeting: 12th March 2011

The Red Dragonflies met at Cynthia Rowe’s home in Woollahra on Saturday 12th March. We were joined by an invited guest, Dy Anreasen, who had been fortunate enough to ‘tread in Basho’s footsteps’ with Beverley’s tour last year. It is confronting, however, to reflect that we were sitting sharing haiku in Sydney on the very day that the earthquake and tsunami were wreaking such havoc on Japan and its people. Haiku must continue to remind us of, and instruct us in, the ephemeral – and therefore precious – nature of existence…

Lesley Walter

Results – Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems

Congratulations to Quendryth Young and Greg Piko (Australia) and to Sandra Simpson (New Zealand) for their award winning poems in the The Haiku Foundation’s inaugural Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems. Haiku by two Australian writers and one New Zealand writer, three poems out of a total of seven award winners, certainly shows that ‘The Antipodes’ is on the world haiku map. The full results and judges’ commentaries may be read here:

Lorin Ford