Cloudcatchers’ Ginko No. 29

Ginko No. 29 (autumn)

Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW
Date: Thursday 9 May 2013

After so many ginko full of rain, sun beamed on the Autumn gathering of the Cloudcatchers on 9 May – until the last half hour.

Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head, a fresh water lake a stone’s throw from the ocean, glistened through the paperbark and banksia. A dozen species of birdlife animated the scene, and a few swimmers braved the cold dark tea-tree-stained waters, crossing wakes with those of cruising teal. After sharing our first drafts of haiku around a large picnic table we moved on to the Lennox Hotel for lunch together. The usual post-ginko email Round Robin is currently under way. The Winter ginko is scheduled for Thursday 8 August. Enquiries to Quendryth Young:

Quendryth Young