Bindii Renku Workshop

Bindii Group Workshop on Renku by Lee Bentley

The meeting of Bindii on 3 August was a Renku workshop organized by Lee Bentley.
Five members attended the meeting. Lee outlined the principles of renku and the history of renga/renku. This was followed by a more detailed look at how the method of link and shift is used to build a renku.

The group then read a kasen renku The Click of Mahjong Tiles together with the analysis of the links used to construct the renku.
Led by Lee Bentley, the group then began work on their own Junicho renku.
The meeting finished at 2 pm. Lee Bentley is considering organizing an extra meeting for those interested in renku or rengay. Interested members will be advised.


2 November (Saturday) 11:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Box Factory
Haibun with Maeve Archibald (Box Factory booking). This will be the final meeting at the Box Factory for the year. Workshop will include 30 mins lunch break.

Lynette Arden
3 August 2013