paper wasp – 20th anniversary 2014

paper wasp: a journal of haiku is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2014, making it the longest running Australian journal dedicated to haiku and its related forms still in print. The journal was founded in 1994 by John Knight, Ross Clark and Jacqui Murray who established the Paper Wasp Group in 1988. The paper wasp team was strengthened in 1995 by the legendary Janice M Bostok and again in 2000 when Katherine Samuelowicz made her debut as an editor.

This very special year will be marked by four unique 2014 paper wasp editions. Two of those special editions will take both paper wasp and haiku in new directions. For that reason, the upcoming deadline for the final 2013 issue of paper wasp will be the last for broad-spectrum submissions until November 2014 (for 2015 editions).

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Report on Bowerbird Workshop #10

Saturday 19 October 2013, Pearl Beach, NSW, Australia

by David Terelinck

‘Wirraminna’, the home of Bowerbird Tanka, saw the 10th convocation of this immensely popular twice-yearly workshop. Gracious as always, Beverley George opened her home to poets from Sydney, Canberra, Bathurst and the central coast region on Saturday 19 October 2013.

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100 Tanka by 100 Poets of Australia & New Zealand

100 Tanka by 100 Poets of Australia & New Zealand – one poem each – edited by Amelia Fielden, Beverley George & Patricia Prime, with an introduction by Kiyoko Ogawa, former joint-editor of Poetry Nippon, and illustrations by Ron Moss.

This innovative collection was inspired by the classic Japanese anthology, Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, edited by Fujiwara no Teika in 1235.

This book is now available from the Ginninderra Press website –

or mail: Stephen Matthews, PO Box 3461 Port Adelaide 5015

Beverley George co-editor

Haiku on the personal side of healthcare

Pulse: voices from the heart of medicine is a website providing stories and poetry recounting personal accounts of illness and healing. Neal Whitman, haiku editor for the website, is inviting haiku submissions. A new haiku will be published on the Pulsehome page every other week. Each haiku will remain there for one week before taking up residence in the Haiku Collection back pages archive. Anyone who signs up (at no cost) to the Pulse website can submit haiku. Details are available at:

Haiku in English Anthology

A new anthology of Haiku-in-English, edited by Jim Kacian and published by WW Norton & Co, contains a good selection of haiku by Australian and New Zealand haiku poets. Some of those represented are Janice M. Bostok, Greg Piko, Lorin Ford, Ron Moss, Graham Nunn, Sandra Simpson, Ernest J. Berry, Patricia Prime and the late Cyril Childs.