Cloudcatchers’ Ginko No. 32 (summer)

Bulwinkel Park, Alstonville NSW

Date: Thursday 30 January 2014

Bulwinkel Park, named after an early settler, is cradled between the old highway to Lismore and the suburban sprawl of Alstonville. Here there is a gentle creek, well-known as being the site of numerous platypus sightings, even to this day.

One of our number had the thrill of such a glimpse for three minutes, until a wee head appeared and the dark form beneath the creek waters was seen to belong to a turtle. An eel was recorded in a haiku also, as were numerous birds, a wabi/sabi old barbeque, and various species of flora. Eight poets gathered to welcome into their midst the president of the Australian Haiku Society and her husband, Cynthia and Bruce Rowe, both of whom participated in the ginko, and went on to join us for lunch and in the subsequent email Round Robin. Such a pleasant day! The autumn ginko will be held on Thursday 10 April, at a site in Ballina to be confirmed.

Quendryth Young