IHS International Haiku Competition Results 2014

Winners of the 7th Irish Haiku Society International Competition 2014 include the following Australian haiku poets:

Cynthia Rowe (Third Prize), Jan Dobb and Jan O’Loughlin (both Highly Commended).

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8th European Quarterly Kukai Winter Edition 2014

The winner of the 8th European Quarterly Kukai Winter Edition 2014 is Cynthia Rowe, New South Wales, for this haiku:

neap tide
the old fisherman harvests
moon crystals

170 Poets from 40 countries participated in this kukai.

A complete posting of results may be viewed through accessing the following link:



Red Dragonflies Summer Meeting and Ginko December 12th, 2014

The large beach-side studio of artists Jocelyn Maugham and Robin Norling at Patonga was the inspiring meeting-place for the Red Dragonflies in summer 2014. We were free not only to wander the galleries admiring the diversity of artwork, making notes, but also to climb the stairs to the giant studio, sidestepping buckets of paint and drip cloths, brushes soaking, easels and stools; a chaise longue for posing. Continue reading “Red Dragonflies Summer Meeting and Ginko December 12th, 2014”