FreeXpresSion Haiku Competition 2015 results

Congratulations to Sandra Simpson for taking out First Prize in the Haiku Section of the FreeXpresSion 2015 Literary Competition. Rodney Williams was awarded Second Prize. Nathalie Buckland received Third Prize.

First Place – Sandra Simpson, NZ

planning her eulogy jars of carefully labelled seeds

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Red Kelpie Haiku Group Ginko & Meeting #3

It was one of those warm, bright Melbourne autumn days in the Botanic Gardens, a perfect day for our ginko . . . had we all been stone deaf.

Yes, it was Grand Prix day and the sounds of racing motors circled our green refuge, news choppers roared back and forth and in the breaks between car races, the air show boomed overhead.

Black swans basked on the lake with their heads under their wings for the duration! Wattle birds and swallows put on their own air shows and the clear notes of bellbirds rang out during the quieter intervals.

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“Windfall 3’\ Launch in Hobart, February 20th 2015

The launch by Robyn Mathison of “Windfall” issue 3 took place at the Allport Library and Museum in Hobart, with the prior launch of a haiku book by Ron C Moss facilitating the use of this excellent location, and an interested and informed audience of about sixty people already in place.

Peter Macrow, founder and manager of “Windfall”, was present, as was I as editor. “Windfall” poets in attendance included Marilyn Humbert, visiting Tasmania from Sydney, Lyn Reeves, Robyn Mathison, Ron C Moss, Sarah Clarkson, Judith E P Johnson, and Lorraine Haig.

The launch was expertly conducted by respected Tasmanian poet, Robyn Mathison.

Robyn expressed her appreciation to Peter Macrow and his Blue Giraffe Press for “offering poets the chance to be published in this tiny but stylish collection of haiku,” and congratulated the fifty-three poets for moments shared in the sixty-three haiku included in “Windfall 3”.

An extract from Robyn Mathison’s launch speech follows:


“I’d also like to thank the editor Beverley George and congratulate her on her selection and particularly for the sequencing of the haiku she has chosen. I have taken several leisurely strolls through the pages of “Windfall”, stopping to ponder awhile after each haiku and again after reading the three grouped on each page. In my readings I noticed and appreciated the connections between each trio. Sometimes it is colour that connects them; sometimes it is a season, or movement; or the activities of people, animals and other creatures.

On page three, for instance, it is reference to sound that links them, the completely imagined sound of water tumbling a stone in the middle one.

winter sunshine
an unseen guitar
in a minor key

John Bird

river stone
the current of years
in every shape

Dawn Bruce

wombat bones
dry hollyhocks rattle
by the roadside

Ron C. Moss

On page six, birds make the connection.

lowering sky
the breeze lifts a brolga
into flight

Kent Robinson

rain gauge
the bird bath full
after the storm

Rose van Son

against a dull sky
the pink parts

Quendryth Young

On page eight, moving and changing light links the images.

windswept rocks
the fisherman’s lantern
comes and goes

Cynthia Rowe

wind chopped light chopped winter bush

Kieran O’Connor

fading daylight
gathers more sky . . .
winter solstice

Jayashree Maniyil

And on page twenty-one, all three are about home.

google earth
I mostly look
at my house

Lynette Arden

he threatens
to sell again
the crunch of a snail’s shell

Bett Angel-Stawarz

holiday over
my backpack sags
on the floor

Duncan Richardson”

Robyn Mathison’s closing remarks included:

“Like one of those miraculous Japanese paper buds that only needs a glass of water to unfold slowly into a flower, this little book needs only quiet reading to expand into dozens of images for the mind’s eye or the mind’s ear and to provide hours of contemplation.

“Windfall 3” is an excellent chance for you to get an inexpensive but very rich collection. I have much pleasure in launching it into the world – and I’d like to invite those contributors who are here this evening to read their haiku from “Windfall”.”

Robyn Mathison


Although unable to attend the event in person, Australian Haiku Society secretary, Rodney Williams, lent his support to the occasion by producing a tanga; a photograph of a fruit tree with a tanka imposed on it, and gifting copies of this to Peter Macrow, Robyn Mathison, Beverley George and Ron Moss.

with this breeze
such sweet nectarines
as windfall
she gathers together
all those precious poems

Rodney Williams
Beverley George, Editor, “Windfall”

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Successes in Kusamakura Haiku Competition

Australian haiku poets Simon Hanson and Jennifer Sutherland both deserve congratulations for winning prizes in the 19th Kusamakura Haiku Competition.

The following haiku by Simon was one of the entries sharing second prize:

left behind
skimming stones
moonlit ripples

The following haiku by Jennifer was one of the entries sharing third prize:

dandelion a wish lingers on the breeze

Patron of the Australian Haiku Society

I am delighted to announce that Dr Jacqui Murray: Founder, Paper Wasp and Founding Editor, paper wasp: a journal of haiku, has accepted the position of Patron of the Australian Haiku Society.

Given the leadership she has shown in supporting and championing haiku writing in Australia, not to mention the extraordinary work done in co-founding paper wasp – the longest running Australian haiku journal still in print – we believe that as Patron she will be able to keep alive the ideals in furthering the development of haiku in Australia.

Dr Jacqui Murray will be a wonderful asset to HaikuOz and we look forward to working with her.

Cynthia Rowe
President, Australian Haiku Society

Launch of “The Bone Carver” by Ron C. Moss

On Friday, February 20th, Hobartians welcomed the long-awaited arrival of Ron C. Moss’s prize-winning haiku collection, “The Bone Carver” (Snapshot Press, 2014), at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts.

In her launch speech, Beverley George – past president of the Australian Haiku Society – began by giving an overview of the nature of haiku and of its current practice, citing John Bird’s description of the form:

“A haiku is a brief poem, built on sensory images from the environment. It invokes an insight into our world and its peoples.”

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A Hundred Gourds 4:2 released

The seasons roll around. Today, the first of March, Australia and New Zealand welcome our first day of Autumn, whilst those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are anticipating Spring’s arrival.

Wherever you are in the world, the 14th issue of A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal of haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku poetry is now online for your reading pleasure.

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