Jo McInerney a winner with THF’s ‘re: Virals’ haiku comment

Australian haiku poet Jo McInerney has just been honoured as the winner of the weekly ‘re: Virals’ segment on The Haiku Foundation website, which provides the opportunity for readers to respond to a particular haiku of note, as chosen by the previous winner.

Jo’s response to a haiku by English poet John McManus can be read below.

Looking ahead, however, it should be noted that Jo is not only the first Australian to have a piece of haiku commentary adjudged to be a winner of ‘re: Virals’ – with her choosing the following haiku by Lorin Ford for the next set of comments, it has also meant this is the first time that the work of an Australian haiku poet has been featured for comment:

their wings like cellophane remember cellophane

– Lorin Ford, ‘Road runner’, IX: 2 (2009)

The Haiku Foundation website strongly encourages readers to comment – guidelines are provided through this link:

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