Australian poets featured in ‘re: Virals’ responses chosen by The Haiku Foundation

As noted in a previous item here on ‘HaikuOz’, the following one-liner by Australian haiku poet Lorin Ford has been posted for comment in the ‘re: Virals’ segment of The Haiku Foundation website:

their wings like cellophane remember cellophane

— Lorin Ford, ‘Roadrunner’ IX:2 (2009)

Lorin’s monostich had been selected by another Australian haiku poet, Jo McInerney, as a result of Jo’s own response to a preceding haiku having been chosen by The Haiku Foundation as the weekly winner in its ‘re: Virals’ feature.

From five responses to Lorin’s one-liner selected – in turn – for inclusion on The Haiku Foundation website, two of those newly posted comments have been written by Australian haiku poets: Jo McInerney herself once again, accompanied by Cynthia Rowe.

Responses by Jo and Cynthia to Lorin Ford’s haiku can be read below, with all five comments about her ‘cellophane’ one-liner able to be accessed through the following link:

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