Jo McInerney chooses Janice M. Bostok haiku for new ‘re: Virals’ response

For the second time this month, Australian haiku poet Jo McInerney has been the winner of the weekly ‘re: Virals’ competition on The Haiku Foundation website: Jo’s response to a haiku by Charles Easter – ‘dry heat’ – can be found below.

In the meantime, however, Jo has again been given the chance – as the latest weekly winner – to choose a haiku to which other readers could respond: following on from her selection of Lorin Ford’s ‘cellophane’ one-liner, earlier in January, this time Jo has selected a further monostich from another Australian haiku poet, Janice M. Bostok –

envelope my thumb opens the seal of his tongue

For posting on Friday morning (Eastern US Time), responses to Janice’s one-liner would need to have been received online by midnight Tuesday (New York).

Guidelines for contributing through the THF’s Contact Box – using a subject header of ‘re: Virals’ – can be found through this link:

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