Portfolios for Australian Haiku Poets – ‘The Living Haiku Anthology’

While further poets are encouraged to offer selections of their work, the following Australian haiku writers already have portfolios of their haiku represented in ‘The Living Haiku Anthology’:

Dawn Bruce, Jan Dobb, Lorin Ford, Simon Hanson, Myron Lysenko, Jayashree Maniyil, Ron C,. Moss, Cynthia Rowe and Scott Terrill.

Links to these various portfolios can be found below:

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‘Notes from the Gean’, Resurrected – Message from Lorin Ford

I’m very happy to be able to announce that the nine complete issues 1.1 through to 3.1 of the quarterly journal, ‘Notes from the Gean’, for which I was haiku editor, have been recovered and are now archived on Don Baird’s website, ‘The Living Anthology’.

You’ll find them in TLA’s ‘Library Shelf’ under the heading ‘Journals’:


The work published in the first issue, ‘Notes from the Gean’1.1, June 2009, includes haiku by these Australians:

Lynette Arden, John Bird, Neil Bramson, Dawn Bruce, Nathalie Buckland, Ashley Capes, Beverley George, Gina, Matt Hetherington, Michelle Leber, Jo McInerney, Mark Miller, Graham Nunn, Rhonda Poholke, Jack Prewitt, Harry Rout, Barbara A. Taylor, Rodney Williams and Quendryth Young.

More can be found in the further issues of ‘Notes from the Gean’ archived on ‘The Living Anthology’ website.

– Lorin Ford, haiku editor & etc., ‘A Hundred Gourds’

Australian haiku poets successful – Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2015

The 2015 Martin Lucas Haiku Award – conducted in the UK by ‘Haiku Presence’ – attracted 283 entries from 52 poets, with all three poems rated as Commended coming from Australian haiku poets:

newborn lamb
a first look towards
the stars

– Ron C Moss

full moon
she makes her butterpat
a perfect circle

– Marietta Jane McGregor

falling leaves
the open book
as you left it

– Barbara A. Taylor

Full results – with the judge’s comments – can be accessed through this link: