Review of ‘Windfall’ in ‘A Hundred Gourds’ 5.3

Included in the Expositions section of the final edition of A Hundred Gourds – just released – is a review of Windfall 4, written by Australian haiku poet Jo McInerney, who is becoming increasingly respected as a commentator on haiku.

Through accessing the following link, readers will be able to appreciate Jo’s response to the latest edition of Windfall, an annual selection of Australian haiku edited by Beverley George and published by Peter Macrow’s Blue Giraffe Press:

‘A Hundred Gourds’ 5.3 released – Lorin Ford

The 19th issue of A Hundred Gourds, a quarterly journal of haiku, haibun, haiga, tanka and renku poetry, is now available. This June 2016 issue is our final issue. All issues of A Hundred Gourds will remain available for the foreseeable future and we hope readers will continue to find them useful resources. We thank all of our contributors for the wonderful work AHG has been able to publish.

As well as our Haiku, Haibun, Haiga, Tanka and Expositions sections, AHG 5:3 presents two Features, plus a range of Expositions: further details can be found below.

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The Betty Drevniok Award 2016 Results

First prize – Ruth Powell, Prince George, BC, Canada
Second prize – Owen Bullock, Canberra, Australia
Third prize – Liz Fenn, Wellsville, NY, USA
Honourable Mentions – Rodney Williams, Trafalgar, Australia

See Australian haiku below, along with full results (and judge Tom Clausen’s comments) at this link: Continue reading “The Betty Drevniok Award 2016 Results”