Sharon Dean’s biography of Janice Bostok on THF

‘White Heron: The Authorized Biography of Janice Bostok’ by Sharon Dean has gone up on The Haiku Foundation website as the ‘Librarian’s Cache’ for the week.

It can be accessed at this link:

As noted by Lorin Ford, ‘this is a piece (a major work!) that will be welcomed and applauded by all Australians at all interested in haiku.’

Red Kelpie Haiku Group Ginko & Meeting #8

As we did last year, the group met at Federation Wharf for our winter meeting, this time on a day full of umbrellas and continuous mizzling rain, which had the effect of muting the colours of the city and the river, but enhancing those of the deciduous leaves and the soft ochres and pinks of the Fed Square paving. Cormorants on the vacant tour boats hung out their wings despite the rain. The ever-present sparrows just shrugged it off.

We found a sheltered table outside one of the cafes by the river, where Robyn Cairns presented a copy of her recently published chapbook, In Transit (Picaro Poets Series, Ginninderra Press) to each of the other seven members present, then we moved on to our discussion.
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