Winner of Spring AHS Haiga Kukai: Seasonal

Greetings haiku poets,

I would like to thank everyone who entered into the spirit of this image kukai and I feel it has been a great success. There are many fine poems using various haiku techniques and subjects linking to the image.  What I would like to do is talk briefly about my selection and the things that appeal to me. The very best haiga are strong in image and haiku, each can stand alone, but something special is created by their merging together.

I would also like to thank the AHS committee for making this event possible and allowing me to showcase some of my favourite images. The real reward is I get to choose from the selected haiku some worthy winners and I hope this has made it a fun event for all.

Warm regards,

Ron C. Moss

First Place

some coolness still
deep in the buds

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Winner of Spring AHS Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal

By offering a non-seasonal image I wanted to allow poets to explore different themes and touch on matters of human interest, perhaps exploring the concept of wabi sabi. Once again linking between image and haiku are very important to create something that tells a story with a moment that resonates.

First Place

winter light
his last words
left unheard

Rajandeep Garg

This is a fine haiku which links to the image and creates a mood that is interesting and offers us a subtle mystery without being too overt or confusing.

We might wonder who he is, and wonder about his relationship to the woman in the photo, and what was unheard and not spoken. The image was not a seasonal one, but the poet has added winter light, which evokes another dimension of emotion.

Ron C. Moss

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Red Kelpie Haiku Group Meeting & Ginko #9

Over this past week of heavy rain on Melbourne, I’ve found that I finally have an intuitive and bodily understanding of a modern (gendai) Japanese haiku that has previously evaded me:

water of spring
as water wetted
water, as is 

— Hasegawa Kai

 Everything is so saturated that one experiences the sensation that the rainwater itself has reached a point of maximum saturation too! Continue reading “Red Kelpie Haiku Group Meeting & Ginko #9”