Poetry in Japanese forms in Canberra

Translator, editor and poet Amelia Fielden facilitated two significant poetry events in Canberra on Friday, October 14, and Saturday, October 15. Held at Manning Clark House, the first was an engaging launch of two poetry books in Japanese-derived verse forms, “Colouring In” (featuring tanka exchanges by Amelia herself, as well as by Gerry Jacobson, each working in collaboration with American poets); and “Poems To Wear”, a collection largely comprised by tanka – but with numerous haiku also included – exploring the theme of clothing/ apparel. The second event – held at the Australian National University – was an Australia/ Japan Tanka Workshop, where the first of two discussion sessions was led by Amelia Fielden, supported by Japanese poetry expert Noriko Tanaka and Dr. Carol Hayes (from ANU’s Japan Institute). Giving feedback on tanka strings/ sequences offered anonymously in advance, the afternoon session – likewise rewarding – was co-ordinated by Kathy Kituai, facilitator of the Limestone Poets Group.
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