Bowerbird Tanka Workshop #15

Report by David Terelinck on Bowerbird Tanka Workshop #15: 19 November, 2016

The Bowerbird Tanka Workshop is a much-loved event held twice yearly at Pearl Beach, NSW. Bowerbird # 15, held at the home of Beverley George on Saturday, 19 November, was no exception. Sixteen participants – coming together from as far afield as Sydney, Canberra, Bathurst, Tamworth, Jamberoo, and the Gold Coast – enjoyed a full-day workshop outdoors, with views of the lagoon and to the pleasing chorus of waterfowl and other birds. As always, the day opened with a wonderful session of a favourite tanka written by someone the presenter has never met.

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New Zealand Earthquake

Following news of the deadly earthquake and tsunami in the south island of New Zealand in the early hours of 14 November, the Australian Haiku Society sends its very best wishes to all those who have been affected.  We sincerely hope that our haiku friends and their families in New Zealand are safe and well.

Vanessa Proctor

President, Australian Haiku Society

11 Australians in anthology from India  

A Book Note by Beverley George

Eleven Australians have haiku included in a remarkable international anthology from India, entitled:

naad anunaad: An Anthology of Contemporary World Haiku
Editor-in-Chief: Kala Ramesh
Editors: Sanjuktaa Asopa & Shloka Shankar
ISBN- 978-93-85665-33-2 Pune, Vishwakarma Publications, 2016

The project began with Kala Ramesh sending emails to poets around the world whose work she enjoyed, asking them to submit some of their best haiku, with details of where they were first published. Kala’s aim was to publish in India an anthology of international contemporary haiku, at an affordable price for anyone in her own country who wanted to know more about this genre. She also hoped it might be possible to include work from her students.
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Competition successes in October

Australian haiku poets to enjoy competition-based successes during the month of October, 2016, included: Janet Howie, Barbara A. Taylor, Simon Hanson and Cynthia Rowe.
Between them, Janet and Barbara took out the two Grand Prizes conferred in the Basho Festival Haiku Contest, in Japan: Barbara also gained an Honourable Mention in the 5th Japan – Russia Haiku Contest for 2016 (English section).
Simon Hanson likewise enjoyed multiple successes in the last month – he not only gained an Honourable Mention in the Basho Festival Haiku Contest: his collection – entitled Desert Stones – was also selected for the Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards 2016.
Rounding out competition-based successes for Australian haiku poets in the month of October, Cynthia Rowe’s haiku collection Floating Nest was awarded First Prize in the poetry category in The Society of Women Writers (NSW) Book Awards 2016.
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