Winner of AHS Autumn 2017 Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal



wet weekend . . .
my grandfather’s life

 Joanne Watcyn-Jones

 First Place

My final selection of poems all feature links to the interesting collection in the image. We keep things close to us for all sorts of reasons and this theme is explored by the poets in different ways. I selected Joanne Watcyn-Jones’ haiku for the different levels of linking and the succinct language she uses. Many of us can evoke a memory of doing such a thing on a wet day. The haiku and image work together seamlessly to bring about a collaboration that  goes to another level. Each one is also capable of standing alone, which is an essential ingredient of a good haiga. Continue reading “Winner of AHS Autumn 2017 Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal”

Winner of Autumn 2017 AHS Haiga Kukai: Seasonal

Park (002)

autumn rain
the blurred pattern
of falling light

 Jenny Fraser

First Place

I really enjoyed the mood and interplay of light suggested in this haiku. It works very well with the image and sets the scene to explore the different layers in the haiku and the B&W image. There is also a clever use of language and ‘falling light’ and ‘blurred patterns’ capture the feeling right away and draw one into the scene. Jenny Fraser has written a fine haiku that combines very well with the image to create a successful haiga. Continue reading “Winner of Autumn 2017 AHS Haiga Kukai: Seasonal”

A Message from the President

I would like to send a message of support to all our members in Queensland and northern NSW in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie and in this time of extreme flooding.  We sincerely hope that you and your families remain safe and well.

In happier news, March has been an exciting month for haiku in Australia.  The month began with Roberta Beary’s visit to Sydney, then Melbourne, meeting haiku poets in both cities.  Roberta is the Roving Ambassador for the Haiku Foundation this year.  Penny Harter, another distinguished American haiku poet, met poets in Melbourne. Continue reading “A Message from the President”

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group: 1 April Ginko in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

On a beautiful autumn day, seven members of the Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group met for a ginko in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Adelaide Botanic Gardens

We gathered at the Simpson Kiosk near the Main Lake at 11 am. The morning had a real taste of the coolness of autumn, and members remarked on the number of magpies they had seen while getting to the meeting place.

Our ginko leader for the day was Lee Bentley and other members present were: Lynette Arden, Margaret Fensom, Belinda Broughton, Ervin Janek, Dawn Colsey and Maeve Archibald. Continue reading “Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group: 1 April Ginko in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens”

Members’ News March 2017

Competition Successes

A number of Australian poets were recognised in various competitions during this last month including Cynthia Rowe and Madhuri Pillai who were Runners Up in the Golden Haiku Contest with:

sugar high
the undulating flight
of a honeyeater

………. Cynthia Rowe

spring bloom
the heady breath
of new jonquils

………. Madhuri Pillai

first daffodil
a song under
my breath…

………. Madhuri Pillai

Continue reading “Members’ News March 2017”