Australian Haiku: Digitised Books, Articles and Essays (Current Titles: 2018)

The Australian Haiku Society is pleased to add to its list of resources, links to digitised works by Australian haiku poets. The AHS thanks those authors and the sites where the files of these books, articles and essays are stored, particularly The Haiku Foundation  for their efforts in preserving these resources and making them freely available.

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Copyright ownership of all the titles listed in the Haiku Books and Resources section remains with their authors and may not be reproduced, reprinted or re-transmitted or altered in any form without express written consent from the authors.

Anthologies of Haiku

First Australian Haiku Anthology, edited by Janice M. Bostok and John Bird. (Converted to PDF by The Haiku Foundation)

first australian haiku anthology

The Dreaming Collection created by John Bird, 2011. (Converted to PDF by The Haiku Foundation)

Haiku Dreaming Collection

eBooks by Australian Haiku Poets

Bird, John: The Long Paddock– a haiku series celebrating the roles of Australian working women. (Australian Workers Heritage Centre, 2002)

Bostok, Janice M: walking into the sun (Shelters Press, 1974)

Bostok, Janice M: Amongst the Graffiti: collected haiku and senryu 1972-2002 (PostPressed, 2003)

De Vidas, Jack: Bells are calling: haiku & senryu ed. Janice M. Bostok (paper wasp, 1996)

Ford, Lorin: a wattle seedpod (PostPressed, 2008)

Ford, Lorin: What light there is (Three Lights Gallery, 2009)

Ford, Lorin: A Few Quick Brushstrokes (Snapshot Press, 2012)

George, Beverley: The birds that stay (Eucalypt, 2013)

Hanson, Simon & Moss, Ron C: Ancient Bloodlines (wildflower poetry press, 2017)

Hanson, Simon: Desert Stones (Snapshot Press, 2017)

Proctor, Vanessa: Jacaranda Baby (Snapshot Press, 2012)

Reeves, Lyn: Walking the Tideline (Pardalote Press Lauderdale Australia) 1998

Rowe, Cynthia: Stone Circles: haibun (Snapshot Press, 2017)

Samuelowicz, Katherine: noticing the view: haiku & other poems (PostPressed, 1999)

Scott, Rob: only sounds/ het enige geluid (Marginale Uitgevenj, 2001)

Terrill, Scott: Southern Humpback (Yet To Be Named Free Press, 2013)


Dean, Sharon Elyse: White Heron: The Authorised Biography of Australia’s Pioneering Haiku Writer, Janice M. Bostok (School of Humanities, Arts, Education and Law, Griffith University, 2011)

Hadman, Ty: Poet Profiles: Janice Bostok (AHA Poetry, 2001)

Haiku Musings

Young, Quendryth: A Haiku Workshop With Quendryth Young

Jones, Bob: Haiku Nature (University of Newcastle, 1993) updated 2014

Proctor, Vanessa: Haiku and the Personal (New Zealand Poetry Society, 2009)

Haiku History

George, Beverley and Reeves, Lyn: A History of Haiku in Australia (The Haiku Foundation, 2016)
Download Word file:  A HISTORY OF HAIKU IN AUST -June16 2016

Scott, Rob: The History of Australian Haiku and the Emergence of a Local Accent (Victoria University, 2014)