AHS Winter Solstice 2019 Haiga Kukai: Non-Seasonal Results with Comments by Judge Ron Moss

pocket watch


1st Place

aunt’s passing
the way tomorrow
never comes

Rose van Son

This is a powerful haiku that resonates deeply. It’s said that time waits for no one and the passing of all things is the one thing we can be sure of in life. The mystery the poet has given us about a tomorrow that never comes resonates strongly with the painting of the pocket watch. Time is always passing, and so do we eventually. Nothing brings this home more than when a loved one passes. So much to reflect on here, and I’m grateful to the poet for an opportunity to do just that.


2nd Place

the soldier occupies
two different places

Michael Morell


The jarring nature of four capital letters in the opening line and their meaning of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome make this a poem not to be trivialised, but thought about deeply. Who can know what a soldier goes through unless they have had a similar experience? The last line gives us a riddle or mystery that invites the reader to explore. The link to the watch is cleverly set up with the occupying of different places.

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Australian Haiku Society Winter Solstice 2019 Haiga Kukai: Seasonal Results with Comments by Judge Ron Moss



1st Place


snowball fight
grandpa’s belly
white with snow

Lucy Whitehead


This is a delightful moment and connects beautifully to the painting. The association between grandpa’s belly and the snowman is wonderful, and we are filled with a feeling of family and good times. Like any good haiga there’s a strong interplay between the image and the haiku and we can see many connections here. The love and warmth of a grandpa, and the much-loved figure of a snowman, leaves us with a smile and a feeling of playfulness. In a few short lines the writer has given us so much to feel, and the memories of childhood, and sometimes-adult games, come flooding back.


2nd Place


winter doldrums
looking both ways first
i eat the snowmans nose

Michael Rehling


What fun! What a devious but totally delightful moment. We have this very funny situation with a clever juxtaposition to the winter doldrums. What could be more life-fulfilling, than to bust out with humour to bring us out of the winter blues? The poet is mischievous and don’t we love him for it – the spirit of the snowman might have something to say about losing his juicy carrot nose, but we are all the richer for the fun of it all.

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Writing Haiku – workshop this weekend!

MyronAs part of the Melbourne Spoken Word Festival, Myron Lysenko will be leading a haiku workshop on Sunday 14th July.

Myron has been teaching contemporary haiku since the end of the twentieth century. He will show examples of haiku and will teach you how to compose haiku and how to use specific techniques to achieve this. If you are in Melbourne this weekend take the opportunity to learn more about the art and craft of contemporary haiku.

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Bombora Haiku Meetings

Autumn/Winter meetings.

Bombora Haiku Group met in the Japanese gardens at Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens for their May meeting. What a treat! We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously and stayed afterwards for lunch at the Summit Restaurant. We immersed ourselves in the beauty of the Japanese gardens where everything was bright green. Misty light showers added to the atmosphere. We briefly inspected little waterfalls set amongst rocks and ferns and clipped shrubs as neat as round bald heads. Lastly, before retiring to eat, we viewed marvellous old bonsai, some of which were started back in the fifties. Continue reading “Bombora Haiku Meetings”