Watersmeet Zoom 22 May

Like other haiku groups, Watersmeet members had to rely on the internet for our May gathering, and scheduled a Zoom meeting for Friday 22 May.

Lorraine Haig initiated the topic for discussion some weeks beforehand, sending us articles on the topic of yugen, and inviting us to research and contribute further findings on this elusive term. Email exchanges followed, sharing more thoughts on the subject and links to relevant articles. We prepared for our meeting by looking for haiku that we felt expressed the aesthetic of yugen. These could be haiku written by ourselves or by others. Those able to take part in our Zoom discussion were Lorraine Haig, Ron Moss, Ross Coward, Lyn Reeves and (briefly) Jane Williams.

silenceRon mentioned that yugen is something that he aims to express in his brush paintings, an element of many of his haiga, and that the following words describing the symbols for yugen, from an article by David Anderson, ‘Yugen – a spiritual feeling too deep for words’ held particular resonance for him. Continue reading “Watersmeet Zoom 22 May”

Bindii Report for Zoom meeting in May 2020

On Sunday May 23 we assembled for another Zoom meeting. Just four of us attended: Julia Wakefield, Steve Wigg, Stella Damarjati and Lynette Arden.  We were all much more confident this time with the technology and the meeting was quite prolonged!

The topic was Haiku sequences and strings, and our theme was Winter. We began by defining the terms: a sequence usually has a theme and takes us on a journey, sometimes through time, sometimes through a landscape, and often it does both at once. A string, on the other hand, can be loosely bound by a theme. Continue reading “Bindii Report for Zoom meeting in May 2020”

Paperbark Autumn Meeting

Paperbark Haiku promoted its “Autumn 2020 Ginko in isolation” followed by a Zoom meeting on Tuesday night 26th May, to share our freshly harvested haiku.

Paperbark’s Maureen Sexton hosted our virtual feast of haiku with esteemed haiku poets Brendon Kent (UK), Madhuri Pillai (Victoria), Myron Lysenko (Victoria), Coral Carter (South Australia), and from Western Australia, Rose van Son, Gail Willems, Melissa Moffat, Barry Sanbrook and Tash Adams contributing seasonal produce.

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Fringe Myrtles Haiku Meeting May 2020

For our latest meeting in COVID isolation, the Fringe Myrtles were honoured to have the company of American haiku poet and essayist, Michael Dylan Welch who called into our Zoom meeting live from Seattle.

Fringe Myrtles Haiku Meeting A - 17 May 2020
Zoom Meeting of Fringe Myrtles

During the meeting, Michael shared his animated haiku sequence, “Forgiveness,” as well as a fascinating presentation of his essay, “Going Nowhere: Learning Haiku from Pico Iyer,” which explores the virtues of staying home and appreciating the ordinary without going anywhere. Continue reading “Fringe Myrtles Haiku Meeting May 2020”

Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 12 May 2020

It was great to see that White Pebbles has also enjoyed meeting by email. Following our April success of an email-fest, this will now be the way of the Oaks mob on the second Tuesday of each month. Until further notice. Until we return to the table under the trees with its dapples and magpies and afternoon breeze. Ah. . .!

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Ozku Gathering

Due to social distancing Ozku decided to hold their meeting by email.

The agenda was to write haiku about set topics: sunset without mentioning the word sunset, reading, an unusual angle about flowers, a cheeky haiku, and a special experience.

Five out of the six members were able to participate; Bea Yell, Catherine Smith, Dawn Bruce, Joanne Watcyn-Jones and Margaret Conley. We commented in turn on each haiku then the poet replied. Some truly beautiful and fresh haiku evolved.

As one member said it was the best fun she’d had in weeks

Dawn Bruce

White Pebbles Haiku Group update

Although we usually meet only quarterly, current circumstances encouraged us to also have a brief email catch-up in April, sharing current news and at least one haiku each. Members were very responsive and we all enjoyed it so much we have a similar email meeting planned for May. We are looking forward to resuming our ginko and workshop meeting at Gosford/Edogawa Garden when that again becomes possible but meantime we all value being in touch.

Beverley George