Results: AHS Winter Haiga Kukai 2020 Non-Seasonal


1st Place


winter afternoon
draining the shadows
from a teacup

Gail Oare


This haiku presented itself as a solid winner from the first time I read it and it continues to resonate with each reading. Like all good haiku, one that stays with you and reveals successive layers, this is truly a classic moment. The scene is set on the first line and the connection with the shadows and cup in the image gives us the marvellous second line draining the shadows. This evokes for me what the late Martin Lucas, the fine English poet and editor, described as a “poetic spell,” — a special essence. This haiku works beautifully with the image to raise both the elements of art and words, together creating something greater. Continue reading “Results: AHS Winter Haiga Kukai 2020 Non-Seasonal”

Results AHS Winter Haiga Kukai 2020 Seasonal

Scarlet Robinjpg

1st Place

shortest day—
the robin and I sing
a little longer

Corine Timmer


This one was a clear winner for me with a lot going on in just a few words. The robin is the main feature of the image but the sounds we cannot hear are told in the haiku with fine suggestive detail. We have the contrast between the shortest day and a little longer; this sets the scene for a landscape of emotional suggestion. The poet creates a lovely deep connection between the robin and the witness. So much so that you can see there’s no separation between the two. Wouldn’t we all love to sing a little longer and to be fully present and alive in the world? Continue reading “Results AHS Winter Haiga Kukai 2020 Seasonal”