Portarlington Haiku Society, May 2022

Eight of us met in a cafe in May to share recently written haiku and again chat about individual approaches we have regarding our inspiration and drive to write. With a few in our group very new to haiku, this is an important discussion and with so many opinions floating around as to what haiku is, it helps to reinforce that having a go and sharing ideas along with reading as many published works as possible is a step in the right direction. A number of us submit to THF monthly kukai and when the voting schedule is revealed, list our top picks and compare them. This activity stimulates a good deal of discussion and helps us realise that what resonates with one may have little connection with another. We continue to run our own monthly kukai and this definitely stimulates a lot of interest.
One thing we did learn is that a busy cafe is not where we will meet next time.

Jenny Macaulay (Facilitator)