Vale John Bird

23.12.1932 … 22.5.2022

John Bird, Founder AHS

At the Australian Haiku Society we are greatly saddened to hear of the passing of John Bird who, in November 2000, co-founded our society with Janice Bostok. John was much loved and admired as a poet, mentor and friend. His generous encouragement of the writing of Australian haiku continues to this day. The following eulogy by Quendryth Young and tributes from other Cloudcatchers, a group that John began, attest to this. His influence goes far beyond this haiku friendship group that was so close to his heart. Many of us have been touched by John’s impact on our own haiku journeys.

This page will remain open for two weeks for your personal comments and tributes for a man who passionately but humbly steered the development of a uniquely Australian voice celebrating the culture and environment of our place in the world of haiku.

Lyn Reeves

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