Bindii 5 February 2011

Present: Marilyn Linn, Lesley Charlesworth, Alex Ask, Veronica Shanks, Athena Zaknic, Lynette Arden, Belinda Broughton, Margaret Fensom, Helen Pryor, Jill Gower.

Apologies: Pam Brow, Maeve Archibald, Robin Sinclair, Margaret Rawlinson.

General Business:
Alex Ask Treasurer took charge of the group funds of $70. Current email lists have been sent to Alex Ask, Maeve Archibald and Belinda Broughton. With my computer difficulties this is a good safeguard and helpful to the running of the group. Thank you to these people. We run as a cooperative group and welcome contributions of help from members.

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Cloudcatcher’s Ginko No. 20 (Summer)

Cloudcatcher’s Ginko No.20 had to be planned over a year ahead. A ginko held among the teeming life of a mangroves swamp demands a very low tide at a convenient location, at exactly the right time of day, on the right day of the week, in summer (because we wanted to wade).

There was only one site and one date that fitted these requirements: the mouth of the Brunswick River, on Thursday 27 January 2011. Of course we also hoped it would be fine, but not too hot. The day arrived, and it was PERFECT: a brilliant azure sky and a river that had peeled off its covers to allow us to enter into its fascinations. Poets strolled (bare-footed, mostly), along the mud flats and sandy riverbed, absorbed in a world of sand creatures, aerial mangrove roots, oyster shells, sea snails, and a variety of marine birds.

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Bindii Group on Radio Adelaide

Several members of the Bindii group were interviewed by Radio Adelaide recently. The interview will be broadcast on Radio Adelaide 101.50 FM on Tues 25 January at 3.30 pm (half hour program).

The program will also be broadcast on the Internet from the Radio Adelaide Web Site

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Red Dragonflies meeting – 12 December, 2010

The Red Dragonflies met at Pearl Beach on Sunday 12th December for a ginko in the Crommelin Native Arboretum (which will hopefully produce a pamphlet in the new year) followed by lunch at the bayside cafe.

During the course of the afternoon, members workshopped their pre-written haiku and senryu and, as always, found much upon which to ponder and much about which to laugh.

Understandably, the sound of cicadas rang out loudest amongst the Christmas haiku, but the gentler ‘clink’ of threepences in a china bowl produced nostalgia, too, for mothers’ and grandmothers’ plum puddings…

Christmas get-together –
the joy of exchanging

Lesley Walter

Ginko Review, Saturday 20th November 2010

Gary De Piazzi

Last Saturday I was joined by Rose Van Son, Meryl Manoy and Liz Nicholls for a Mari Warabiny Haiku Group ginko in Supreme Court Gardens. Perth is blessed to have had city planners with the foresight to include botanical gardens as part of the cityscape. Supreme Court Gardens, despite humble beginnings as a paddock, holds many secrets that reveal themselves to those with eyes to see and minds to capture:

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Bindii 4 December 2010

BINDII MEETING 4 December 2010

Present: Pam Brow, Marilyn Linn, Maeve Archibald, Alex Ask, Robin Sinclair, Veronica Shanks, Athena Zaknic, Lynette Arden, Margaret Rawlinson, Margaret Fensom.

Apologies: Sally Hunter, Lesley Charlesworth.

General Business:
Alex Ask has agreed to be our Treasurer and Alex and Maeve Archibald will also hold a bulk list of members’ email addresses to aid effective communication in the group. Margaret Fensom has also been sent a list of the email addresses. Thank you to these people.

Donation to Box Factory facilities: $40 was collected from members present as a voluntary contribution and Maeve Archibald will buy something needed by the Box Factory Community.

Box Factory Market and Readings Sat 12 December 2010: Members of Bindii will be involved in the performance of poetry from 12.30 to 1 pm.

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Bindii 6 November 2010

BINDII MEETING November 6, 2010

(Box Factory, Regent Street, Adelaide)

Present: Alex Ask, Maeve Archibald, Athena Zaknic, Margaret Fensom, Margaret Rawlinson, Veronica Shanks.
Apologies: Lyn Arden, Dawn Colsey, Marilyn Linn.

We started our meeting by introducing two new members, Margaret Rawlinson and Veronica Shanks, who were informed during the Graham Nunn workshop on Thursday evening that Bindii would be meeting on November 6.

We discussed some of the fundamentals of Haiku (i.e. revering nature, fragment / phrase, kigo), which were discussed in detail by Graham Nunn on the Thursday evening and re-iterated here.

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