Tea and Haiku in Hobart

Saturday the 18th July, 3pm-6pm.

Tea and Haiku at Chado The Way of Tea 134 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.
Enjoy an afternoon of Haiku poetry with a tea theme by Lyn Reeves, Ron Moss, Jenny Barnard, Annaxue Yang, Robyn Mathison, Jill Cartwright, Lorraine Haig and Ross Coward. Anne Collins will read excerpts from the book Baisao The Old Tea Seller by Norman Waddell. The cost is $15 per person which includes tea and a specialty sweet. Please note the reading will take place in the first floor room of the teahouse which is accessible only by stairs. Bookings essential. Ring Chado on 62316411.

Cloudcatchers’ Winter Ginko No.14 June 2009

The forecast of ‘Fine – high cloud” was quite correct for the fourteenth ginko of the Cloudcatchers on the Far North Coast of NSW on Thursday 25 June. The venue of Shaw’s Bay at Ballina presented a grey day, with a dirty sea full of yellow foam and post-storm debris which contrasted with all previous seaside ginko. But the trawlers were still going out, and along came a pod of dolphins to break our concentration, lighten our hearts and enter our writing. Many fine first drafts were produced, and the best of these are currently being discussed in an email Round Robin among the participants. We welcomed one new enthusiast, and invite any haiku poet who is in the area to join us for our Spring ginko in October. Contact Quendryth Young at quendrythyoung@bigpond.com.

Quendryth Young
Cloudcatchers Coordinator

6 June 2009 Meeting


Seven members of the SA Haiku Group met from 10 am to 1pm at the SA Writers Centre: Lynette Arden, Belinda Broughton, Dawn Colsey, Martina Taeker, Margaret Fensom, Ali El Bougrini, and Jill Gower.

Apologies were received from Alexander Ask, Alain Rozanès, Elsa Rozanès and Maeve Archibald.

As it was rather a wintry day and members attending had brought haiku they had written since the previous meeting, the group decided to stay in the SA Writers Centre and workshop the haiku. Members in turn wrote haiku on the whiteboard for discussion and suggestions. The meeting ended at around 1 pm.

by Lynette Arden

Defining (?) Haiku – a Study in Progress

Defining (?) Haiku – Thoughts from a Study in Progress

….. John Bird, May 2009

Dear Members,

In August 2007 the President of AHS asked me to advise the Society on definition(s) of English-language haiku (ELH). I’m still bumbling along on that task. The recent, ‘What is haiku?’ exercise was an offshoot of my study and prompted discussion on points I’ve been thinking about. At President Beverley’s invitation I here share some of my thoughts and tentative conclusions. I’d really like to get your reactions. Please send them to me at definitivelyku@fastmail.fm

[ Now, this is my bus and nobody else is allowed to drive it!]

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Cloudcatchers Ginko No.13

Rocky Creek Dam, 50 kilometres inland from Byron Bay. is the main water supply of Lismore and the surrounding areas, and is set in part of the original Big Scrub Rainforest in the Nightcap National Park. It was here that the Cloudcatchers conducted their Autumn ginko on 30 April. This thirteenth gathering of local haiku poets comprised ten enthusiasts, who, following a cancellation of a very rainy day three weeks previously, were blessed with glorious sunshine. Abundant resonating haiku poured forth, and the round-table readings were appreciated with empathy, delight and humour. Over a picnic lunch, John Bird and Jacqui Murray casually stimulated our perception of haiku today with pertinent contributions. How fortunate we all are! Any haiku poet, living in the area or passing through, is welcome to join us at our Winter ginko in July. Contact:quendrythyoung@bigpond.com

by Quendryth Young