spring rain –
an empty swing hangs
above its puddle

John Bird


The Australian Haiku Society – The First 20 Years – A Retrospective

In 2020, we are celebrating twenty years of the Australian Haiku Society, which began in the year 2000. Over the next few weeks in our Featured Haiku series, we will be looking back on those twenty years as a way of tracking the journey of haiku in this country. All haiku featured will be sourced from the first three Australian Haiku Anthologies – and stay tuned for a call for submissions for a fourth which will be announced on this site! One constant in this journey is the extent to which poets have found new modes of expression within the genre. What is considered commonplace today would have been pushing the envelope twenty years ago. This series of articles, each focusing on one haiku, will look at some of the trends and changing interpretations of haiku over the past two decades, and hopefully some appreciation of the context for that change. By giving these poems a fresh airing, I hope it gives readers pause to reflect and gain some understanding of how this genre got to where it is now.

Rob Scott

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