Haiku Journals: Australia

Echidna Tracks

A new on-line collection of Australian haiku. The editors, Lynette Arden, Simon Hanson and Lyn Reeves, welcome haiku that is particular to our Australian environment and expression and that spring from aspects such as our lifestyle, character, culture and diversity. More information here.

Windfall: Australian Haiku

A small annual print publication which sought to publish fine examples of contemporary Australian haiku.

Editor: Beverley George.
Founder and Manager: Peter Macrow.
Published by Blue Giraffe Press. ISSN 1839-5449. Hobart, Blue Giraffe Press issue 1, 2012 –

For more details of the publication and purchase of the final issue of Windfall: Australian Haiku see more details here:  Windfall: Australian Haiku

Creatrix Poetry and Haiku Journal

Creatrix poetry journal is an initiative of WA Poets Inc. The first issue was published in June 2008.

Creatrix is published in March, June, September and December of each year.

Our intention is to publish good quality, well-crafted poetry and haiku, but we also particularly like to give new poets the opportunity to be published. At this stage, publication of poetry is for WA Poets Inc members only, however, we are currently accepting good quality haiku from all interested persons. Anyone can become a member of WA Poets Inc, no matter where you live.

Submission Guidelines are available here

Haiku Xpressions – the haiku pages of FreeXpresSion magazine

Cynthia Rowe – Haiku Editor

FreeXpresSion – print magazine published monthly.

Any writer whose work is published receives a pdf in which submissions are published, together with a flip book of the magazine.

FreeXpresSion magazine no longer offers complimentary copies of the magazine.

If you wish to purchase a print copy of the magazine contact editor Peter Pike at editor@freexpression.com.au‎

Submissions of haiku: by email to cynthia.rowe@ozemail.com.au

Haiku (maximum 10 previously unpublished haiku not on offer


Haiga (smaller than 1 A4 page)

Haiku sequences (up to 10 haiku per sequence)

International Haiku Journals

For updated lists of Australian and International Haiku Journals, both in print and on-line, see the website below:

New Zealand Poetry Society: haiku publications

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