Members’ News – February, 2017

Australian poets to enjoy haiku-based successes across the month of February include Earl Livings, Marietta McGregor and Simon Hanson.

Earl Livings has had one of his poems voted as being among the top three haiku published in Ireland’s Shamrock Haiku Journal during 2016.

Marietta McGregor’s work in haiku has been recognised within a Mann Library feature.

Marietta also gained an Honourable Mention in the Iris Little Haiku Contest conducted by the Three Rivers Haiku Association in Croatia, as did Simon Hanson.

Newly appointed as the Secretary for the Australian Haiku Society, Simon has likewise recently had a photo haiku selected for the NHK Haiku Masters series, where it has been incorporated into a TV / Internet broadcast program.
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New Secretary for the Australian Haiku Society

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Simon Hanson as the new Secretary of the Australian Haiku Society.  Simon will take over the Secretary position from around the beginning of March, after a handover period.

I would like to thank Rodney Williams, our outgoing Secretary, for his tireless work for the AHS over the past two and a half years.  He has added greatly to the Society with his enthusiasm and passion for haiku.


Vanessa Proctor, President Australian Haiku Society

Marietta McGregor is February Featured Poet in Mann Library

mann-library-daily-haikuAustralian poet Marietta McGregor has been chosen as the haiku poet for daily haiku presented in February 2017 by the Mann Library.

Enjoy some of Marietta’s work each day of February by going to the link. After the month has passed, the work will still be available in the archive of the postings.

Mann Library’s Daily Haiku

Read about the project here


Successes in January


Australian haiku poets to enjoy special successes during the month of Janaury, 2017, included: Quendryth Young, for winning a second prize in the annual Kusamakura Haiku Competition in Japan; and Ron C. Moss, for having a haiku-inscribed stone unveiled on the Katikati Haiku Pathway in New Zealand.

Full results for the Kusamakura Haiku Competition can be accessed through this link: 

Details about the new addition to New Zealand’s Haiku Pathway can be viewed here:
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Beverley George chapbook – THF Book of the Week

In the final week of December, Australian haiku poet Beverley George was honoured by having her haiku chapbook The Birds That Stay featured in the Book of the Week archive on The Haiku Foundation website:

The chapbook’s title poem was one of Beverley’s haiku to be highlighted:

first frost
the birds that stay
the birds that go

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Lorin Ford’s haiku for comment in re: Virals  

This week the following one-line haiku by Australian haiku poet Lorin Ford has been chosen for comment in re: Virals 66, on The Haiku Foundation website:

she waves a thin blue scarf becoming sky

— Lorin Ford, tinywords 15:2 (2015)

Sheila Sondik selected Lorin’s haiku, after her own response to Patrick Sweeney’s “in my other life” was chosen as the latest weekly winner in re: Virals, viewable at this link:

Comments on Lorin’s haiku are welcome. These need to be placed in the Contact box at The Haiku Foundation website by midnight on Tuesday (Eastern US time), using the subject heading “re: Virals”. Selected responses will be posted next Friday.

Rodney Williams
Australian Haiku Society

Competition Successes in November

Australian haiku poets to enjoy competition-based successes during the month of November, 2016, included: Cynthia Rowe for winning second prize in the Katikati Pathway Haiku Contest 2016 (NZ) – Cynthia herself, plus Joanne Watcyn-Jones and Jan Dobb, were each Commended in the same competition as well.

In the same time period, another Australian haiku poet – Quendryth Young – won second prize in the 21st International Kusamakura Haiku Competition in Japan.

Congratulations to Cynthia, Joanne, Jan and Quendryth for all having their work recognised at a competition level during the month of November.

Rodney Williams
Australian Haiku Society

Competition successes in October

Australian haiku poets to enjoy competition-based successes during the month of October, 2016, included: Janet Howie, Barbara A. Taylor, Simon Hanson and Cynthia Rowe.
Between them, Janet and Barbara took out the two Grand Prizes conferred in the Basho Festival Haiku Contest, in Japan: Barbara also gained an Honourable Mention in the 5th Japan – Russia Haiku Contest for 2016 (English section).
Simon Hanson likewise enjoyed multiple successes in the last month – he not only gained an Honourable Mention in the Basho Festival Haiku Contest: his collection – entitled Desert Stones – was also selected for the Snapshot Press eChapbook Awards 2016.
Rounding out competition-based successes for Australian haiku poets in the month of October, Cynthia Rowe’s haiku collection Floating Nest was awarded First Prize in the poetry category in The Society of Women Writers (NSW) Book Awards 2016.
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