Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Despite blue sky and sunshine, the chill of Canberra’s winter meant another indoor gathering this month. Hot soup and fish & chips were orders of the day as five of us gathered by a heater in The Oaks marquee–Kathy Kituai, Hazel Hall, Marietta McGregor, Glenys Ferguson and Jan Dobb. We missed the cheerful company of Gregory Piko who is out of town just now. 

Our greetings and life-sharing included thoughts of Sheila Sondik, our ‘ex officio’ member, who is enduring the horrendous heatwave in north-west US.

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Members’ News, June 2021

window reflection
the oaks he planted
made of light

Photo and haiku by Simon Hanson

AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String

The AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String has proved to be another successful online event. Our Webmaster, Lynette Arden has noted that views and visitor numbers more than doubled during the Haiku String week accompanied by continued growth in international participation. Rob Scott, AHS President, was pleased to say that extending our international reach in this way is one of our goals and suggested that events like this and the John Bird Haiku Dreaming Award certainly provide impetus to this trend.

If you wish you can revisit this latest Haiku String on the theme of food & cooking here.

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Report for Bindii meeting, June 27 2021

Present: Lynette Arden, Stella Damarjati, Steve Wigg, Julia Wakefield. Apologies: Maeve Archibald.

Steve gave a short presentation, preceded by a description of the online tea ceremony that he experienced. He related how there are winter solstice ceremonies in Japan that are designed to appeal to all the senses, and this example included an ikebana arrangement, sound stimuli such as the ‘deer scarer’ fountain, a scroll with the inscription ‘Direct (the) mind in this place’ and a charcoal burning, using a log of a special type of Japanese wood that creates a glowing star. It was at such ceremonies as these that renku were traditionally written. Steve’s online ceremony did not include poets, but we liked the possibility of uniting an international online ceremony with a renku in the future.

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