The Awakened One – submission invitation

The editors are looking for contemporary haiku, published or unpublished, which are Buddha-themed, haiku which may or may not mention the Buddha specifically, but which are infused with the spirit of Buddhism, Zen Buddhism or any other school of Buddhism such as Pure Land Buddhism, Celtic Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism and so on. The meditative spirit is universal and Buddhist self-effacement and egolessness can be found in other traditions as well, such as Daoist, Christian, Sufi etc. Haiku that are influenced by Buddhist-like teachings and practices will also be considered. Maximum of 6 haiku to be submitted to the editors before Buddha’s birthday, May 8th and a brief biography, not more than 200 words. English translations required of haiku submitted in languages other than English. Please kindly share the Call for Submissions with like-minded haijin.

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Members’ News, March 2020

To our valued members,

Firstly, our thoughts are with you and your loved ones during this unprecedented time. On behalf of the Australian Haiku Society Committee, we hope you’re all staying safe and well.

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Now more than ever, we need to unite and look after each other, we need to do our part by staying at home and following the guidelines of social distancing.

Writing haiku has many benefits. It deepens our understanding of the world and ourselves. In times like these, exploring one’s thoughts and feelings can be therapeutic. Equally, the act of sharing haiku in an uncertain world has the capacity to inspire, move and gladden the hearts of other people, helping to forge deeper connections with each other. We encourage all our members to continue to write and share haiku in any way they can.

On that note, we understand that many of you would have had scheduled regional haiku group meetings during this time, and while it may not be possible to physically attend these gatherings, we encourage you to find an alternative means of communicating and sharing haiku. Fortunately, we live in times where it is relatively easy to stay connected with a vast array of platforms to choose from. I hope you are able to find one that suits your needs and look forward to seeing the results of your ‘virtual meetings’.

In 2020, the AHS is celebrating 20 years of promoting and sharing haiku and there are many exciting activities planned to mark this significant milestone. So, while you are cooped up in your homes, make sure you check back to our website regularly for announcements relating to that. We can’t wait to share this news with you!

One day down the track, the sun will shine and it will be safe for everyone to resume usual activities. Until that day, stay well, look after yourself and those around you. And write haiku.

Yours in haiku,

Rob Scott
President, AHS

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White Pebbles, Autumn 2020

Far fewer of us than usual were able to attend this autumn meeting but those present understood the wise and valid reasons of our absentees and wished them well.

After our catch-up coffee, we set off, walking in light rain. As always special sights delighted us: fragments of tiny blossoms scattered through white pebbles; dense foliage across the wisteria archway; the rattle of wind in the bamboo patch.

We retired to the meeting room and our round table to workshop poems written in response to the previously circulated worksheet or newly written on our ginko.

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Echidna Tracks Submissions

Echidna Tracks will be accepting submissions for Issue 5: Open Theme throughout the month of April. The editors invite your previously unpublished haiku and senryu on any topic that sirs your imagination and that is likely to stir the imaginations of our readers.

Please read the guidelines carefully.

Submissions may be made via the form that will appear on the Submissions page throughout the month of April 2020.

Lynette Arden
Lyn Reeves
Simon Hanson


Our scheduled meeting day, Tuesday 17th March, dawned under a cloud filled sky with rain forecast. The decision was made to stay with Plan A as the Oatley Park venue provided shelter if the weather went south.

Illawong Haiku Group held its inaugural meeting in June 2017 outside The Castle at Oatley Park so it was decided almost three years on to make a return visit. Little did we know that during that time the park had been given a major upgrade and there were numerous undercover tables and chairs to choose from in a more open area.

IMG_4144 (1)
L to R: Alison Miller, Patricia Meredith, Margaret Ruckert, Lana Wayne, Carol Reynolds and Roslyn Pitt

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The Haiku Hecameron

An invitation from Scott Mason

The Haiku Hecameron


The Haiku Hecameron will be a volume featuring the haiku-related work of 100 haiku poets worldwide with each piece created in the spirit of gratitude for something that remains right (possibly even wondrous) in the world of the poet’s present-day experience.
A submission consists of up to a total of three of the following, in any combination:
–          haiku
–          haiku sequence (up to 100 words including title)
–          – haibun (up to 100 words including title)
–          haiga (minimum resolution 300 dpi)
One submission, as defined above, per person. Work must be the author’s own and not previously published (in print or online) or under consideration anywhere else (e.g., for publication or a contest).

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Autumn Equinox Haiku String 2020

The Australian Haiku Society welcomes contributions from haiku poets worldwide to the AHS Autumn Equinox Haiku String.

We will be holding the String during the day of the Southern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox, which occurs in Australia this year on Friday, 20th March, 2020. The String will remain open for contributions until Sunday 22nd March to accommodate international poets who may wish to take part. Continue reading “Autumn Equinox Haiku String 2020”