Cloudcatchers Ginko #58 (winter)

Bangalow Weir, Far North Coast NSW
Thursday 30 July 2020

There was some hesitation regarding whether we could assemble during these times of social restrictions, but we found a way. Our winter ginko was held at an inland waterway (to avoid the chilly winter winds by the beach) and we were blessed with gentle sunshine.

There were seven of us who practiced social distancing. Each brought a folding chair, and we sat in the sun around a picnic table. No hugs, no touching, no books exchanged, no nibbles passed around, plenty of hand-sanitizer, and each brought her own food and drink so we could lunch together. (Strict social distancing was only relaxed for the taking of the photo.) Apart from sliding onto her back-side in wet mud by one of our members and another who went to her aid (there was no harm done) it was a perfect day.
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Bombora (North Brisbane) Haiku Group Winter Meeting

Hello to everyone. I extend winter good wishes to you all and hope you are well.

Bombora group is thriving (despite my inexperience) as none of the members are short on enthusiasm. Every meeting is a happy one, with lots of haiku being discussed and analysed. We aim to vary the meetings and our most recent meeting saw us all in a nearby park.

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Members’ News July 2020


To Helen Davison for winning First place in the annual Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Award hosted by The Heron’s Nest and judged this year by Susan Antolin with:

police siren—
a swarm of moths
flat on the wall

Helen Davison

All the selections and judge’s comments can be read here.

Quendryth Young has generously supplied some context to the writing of this haiku…

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Paperbark Winter Ginko, Zoom Meeting and Email

As we move through winter here in Perth, I’m sure we’re all enjoying each moment, those chilly mornings, the glorious sunny days, the wintry, wild, stormy days, the welcomed rain, leaves tossed around by the winds and watching the seasonal changes around us. A perfect time to be in the moment! Or perhaps we’re already seeing the hints of Spring to come.

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Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Despite the distancing required, the closeness of our haiku friendship was undaunted as we met again at The Oaks. All of us were present this time, spread around a previously booked table (now essential) by a heater in the marquee–Kathy Kituai, Glenys Ferguson, Marietta McGregor, Gregory Piko, Hazel Hall and Jan Dobb.

As The Oaks closes early in winter, we again met earlier than usual. This meant enjoying a lunch together as we caught up with each other and with haiku amid the aromas of fish’n’chips and linguine, a waft or two of cappuccino.  What could be cosier on a Canberra winter day?

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