Ozku Gathering

Due to social distancing Ozku decided to hold their meeting by email.

The agenda was to write haiku about set topics: sunset without mentioning the word sunset, reading, an unusual angle about flowers, a cheeky haiku, and a special experience.

Five out of the six members were able to participate; Bea Yell, Catherine Smith, Dawn Bruce, Joanne Watcyn-Jones and Margaret Conley. We commented in turn on each haiku then the poet replied. Some truly beautiful and fresh haiku evolved.

As one member said it was the best fun she’d had in weeks

Dawn Bruce

Ozku Report

The Ozku group was delighted to share haiku, tanka and haibun from our anthology with the NSW Society of Women Writers members on Wednesday 17th September at their luncheon meeting in the Dixson Room of the Mitchell Wing of the NSW State Library.

Raking Stones is our first anthology and we dedicated it to the memory of Janice Bostok 1942- 2011, haiku pioneer of Australia.
As leader I introduced the speakers, Joyce Christie, Margaret Conley, Margaret L Grace, (Joanne Watycyn-Jones was absent) and Beatrice Yell, and then talked a little about the formation of our group.
I read a brief outline of the haiku, tanka and haibun forms and then each poet in turn read their selection.
Playing the hamon between each verse I’m sure added to the mood and we owe Bev George a big thank you for that. She brought her own hamon all the way from Pearl Beach and at the close of our presentation talked a little about its origin.

Dawn Bruce

Ozku anthology: raking stones

Ozku’s first anthology, raking stones, was published in April 2012.

Raking stones is a beautifully presented,silk-finished collection of haiku, tanka and haibun from all six members: Dawn Bruce, Joyce Christie, Margaret Conley, Margaret L. Grace, Joanne Watcyn-Jones and Beatrice Yell.

The anthology is dedicated to the memory of Janice Bostok 1942-2011, haiku pioneer of Australia.

‘In this anthology diverse voices are in harmony, yet each retains its distinctive timbre.’
Beverley George Editor: Eucalypt: a tanka journal. President AHS 2006-2010

A limited number of raking stones are available for purchase. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please send $15 (from within Australia) to M.L. Grace, 64 Plateau Rd, Bilgola 2107 NSW.

Email enquiries to chik.chocho@bigpond.com

(price includes postage and handling)

Moonrise and Ozku: a Group Within a Group

Ozku, the haiku-dedicated poetry group formed by Dawn Bruce in January 2010, has now incorporated moonrise, a tanka specific discussion and workshop group, into its format.

Ozku and moonrise will meet bi-monthly at haijin Dawn Bruce’s home in St.Leonards, with members Margaret Grace, Beatrice Yell, Margaret Conley, Joyce Christie and Joanne Watcyn-Jones, all enthusiastic students of haiku and tanka.

Joanne Watcyn-Jones

Inaugural Meeting of Ozku

A poetry group dedicated to the study of haiku

The inaugural meeting of the newly formed ozku poets met at haijin Dawn Bruce’s home in St. Leonards on January 20th.
The group of six enthusiastic members will meet each month to discuss haiku, its history, traditions and various forms, as well as to workshop their own haiku. Present were Dawn Bruce, Beatrice Yell, Margaret Grace, Joyce Christie and Joanne Watcyn-Jones. Geoff Lucas sent his apologies.

The following haiku, by Joyce Christie, was inspired by the exercise – write a ‘summer’ haiku:
kangaroos bound
across blocked roads
Joanne Watcyn-Jones