Bindii Meeting report for February 11 2023

Stella, Lynette, Steve, Maeve and I met for our usual Zoom meeting. We received apologies from Maureen, Kaarin and Subha. Steve had undertaken to give us a fascinating introduction to Zen Buddhist teachings, in the context of wabi sabi. As a trained Buddhist teacher himself, he is amply qualified to speak on the subject. We all said afterwards that it would be wonderful if he could produce a webinar on the subject that could be broadcast to other members of the Australian Haiku Society and/or to the general public.

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Bindii Meeting report for November 26 2022

Stella, Lynette, Maureen and I met for our usual Zoom meeting. We received apologies from Steve, Kaarin and Maeve. Some of us had attempted haiku using the ideas promoted in Michael Dylan Welch’s Haiku on Steroids paper that was published online during the 2022 Haiku down Under online conference. After discussing the merits of radical experimentation, we tried writing a spontaneous haiku sequence, taking turns to write each line.

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Bindii Zoom Meeting 12 June

Report for 12.06.22 Bindii meeting

Lynette Arden, Stella Damarjati, Steve Wigg and I gathered this afternoon for a Zoom meeting.

Our agenda was writing tanka. We began by discussing the definition of tanka, and Lyn pointed out that the pivot that is so often emphasised in tanka definitions doesn’t have to occur on the third or fourth line, but can happen anywhere. The only requirement is to progress from one image or thought to a different place. It is often helpful to encompass this progression in a sentence, but this is not compulsory.

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Report on Bindii meeting 6.02.22

Julia, Stella, Steve, Lynette, Maeve and Kaarin met together on Zoom. We discussed the possibility of attending the upcoming Zoom meeting on International Haiku Day, April 17.

As previously arranged, we all brought examples of classic haiku and/or some of our favourites from the Snapshot Press collections. We also attempted our own haiku that evoked similar moods to the examples. Steve began with a haiku by Boncho, a student of Basho.

the dyeing tubs
dripping ceased
tree cricket

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Report for Bindii meeting, October 31 2021.

Present: Lynette Arden, Stella Damarjati, Steve Wigg, Julia Wakefield.

We discussed tanka, as planned from the previous meeting. Stella showed us some that she had prepared, including one that had been accepted for Eucalypt, and Lynn showed us some tanka that she had previously published. We also looked at tanka by Julie Thorndyke.

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Report for Bindii meeting, September 12 2021

Present: Lynette Arden, Stella Damarjati, Steve Wigg, Julia Wakefield. Apologies: Maeve Archibald.

The meeting had been postponed form August 9, as not all of us could attend.

We are getting quite good at running Zoom meetings, but we all forgot what the topic was this time – it was supposed to be water! Julia thought it was winter, so some of us submitted some winter haiku, and Lyn showed us some of her senryu, which alluded to Adelaide-related themes from the past.

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