Illawong Haiku Group Spring Meeting 2022

Tuesday 20th September

Mindful of the ever changing weather we met once again at Carol’s home. It was a delight to welcome Patricia back following a period of ill health. We were also looking forward to welcoming new recruit Joy. However, an unintended double booking meant we will have to wait until our next meeting.

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Australian selections for THF ‘Haiku of the Day’ during September

The Illawong Haiku Group has the pleasure of hosting ‘Haiku of the Day’ at The Haiku Foundation each day during September. We invite all our fellow Australian haiku writers to visit The Haiku Foundation website on the first day of September to read our chosen theme and the first of 30 haiku we have selected by writers from Australia and other countries. We hope you enjoy them.

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Tuesday 21st June 2022

The saying, ‘timing is everything’, fitted our meeting schedule perfectly as we gathered on Tuesday, 21st June, the date of the Winter Equinox, with five members present. Patricia was unable to join us for health reasons but has assured us she will be back.

We assembled at Carol’s home where we enjoyed morning tea, then drove together to Albert Delardes Reserve just 10 minutes away; a lesser-known spot offering the perfect aspect for our Winter meeting. Warmed by the sun yet protected from any wind, we were able to sit peacefully surrounded by bushland and look out over the sparkling water of the Georges River.  Perfect haiku conditions.

After a short ‘recce’ we sat on the wooden bench seats and took turns to read our responses to the set exercises of writing a Winter haiku and a haiku for a plant or flower that evoked a memory.  Information on Hanakotoba had been circulated prior to provide inspiration.



Tuesday 15th March 2022

In light of the recent rain it was decided to hold our Autumn gathering at my home. Against the odds it turned out to be a beautiful day. Some disappointment was expressed that it would have been a perfect day for a ginko however everyone had an enjoyable time together regardless.

Everyone was present except Patricia who was unable to join us due to ill health however she is on the mend and will hopefully be with us next time. Unfortunately we forgot to take a photo to include with this report, something I must remember to put at the top of our next agenda.

We began our meeting with some members sharing their recently composed haiku for discussion while others shared haiku written by others.


Illawong Haiku Group Summer Ginko

Illawong Haiku Group held their Christmas gathering on Wednesday 8th December at the home of member, Alison Miller. Along the streetscape her house was not dissimilar to neighbouring homes until you walked through the gate. Aside from two small grassed areas in the front and backyard it was like entering a botanical oasis in suburbia. An abundance of colour, shapes and textures.

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Illawong Haiku Group Spring 2021

Held at Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve, Kirrawee, on 24th September.

It was a beautiful day but some of our group live in different LGA’s so only three members; Carol Reynolds, Ros Pitt and Margaret Mahony were able to gather. We made the trip together and enjoyed morning tea at a table surrounded by seasonal plants and trees. Each of us brought goodies to share.

Grevillia insignis

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