Echidna Tracks

Echidna Tracks is a new on-line collection of Australian haiku. The editors, Lynette Arden, Simon Hanson and Lyn Reeves, welcome haiku that is particular to our Australian environment and expression and that spring from aspects such as our lifestyle, character, culture and diversity.

Australia in the 21st Century is a vibrant multicultural society. We hope to reflect, in the haiku/senryu collected, the variety of peoples that inhabit Australia as well as the variety of landscapes, flora and fauna in this continent.

Submissions for Issues of Echidna Tracks will be requested during the months of April and October each year. During May and October, a form for submitting haiku will be made available from the Submissions page.

Echidna Tracks will be presented as Issues on selected topics. Issues will be published one haiku at a time