October 18, 2010 Ginko 19 Round Robin (spring)

Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lake Ainsworth, at Lennox Head, is full to overflowing with freshwater, so that the trunks of the melaleucas continue on into the lake. Just over the road is the beach and the ocean. It was here that twelve Cloudcatchers gathered for our spring ginko on Thursday 14 October.

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Tanka Appraisals

At the Bowerbird Tanka Group meeting on September 19, 2010 at Pearl Beach, presenters Kathy Kituai and Amelia Fielden, were joined by three delegates who each gave a brief talk on a favourite tanka written by someone whom they have never met.

To read these appraisals, which are attracting much interest and favourable comment, please visit www.eucalypt.info ; select Articles and then Bowerbird Tanka Group

Convenor: Beverley George
Editor: Eucalypt

The Red Dragonflies (akatombo) Spring Meeting October 9th, 2010

An overcast day did not lessen the conviviality of the ‘red dragonflies’ group when they gathered at the home of the group’s leader, Vanessa Proctor, to share spring haiku.

All members were present.

Poems on the pre-set topics of the energy of spring, gardening, and empty snail shell were workshopped. After lunch, two anonymous haiku per member were drawn from the haiku bowl for general discussion, before the authors admitted ownership.

the day before
The Red Dragonflies
red dragonfly

report by Beverley George

Bindii Ginko 2 October 2010


Members Present: Lynette Arden, Marilyn Linn, Maeve Archibald, Margaret Fensom, Belinda Broughton, Athena Zaknic. Visitors: Jeff, Irvine.

The ginko began at 11.00 am. Then the group split up so people could take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery to walk around the gardens taking notes and pictures or perch in a favoured spot on a rock or carved bench.

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