Announcement: Forthcoming AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018

The Australian Haiku Society welcomes contributions from haiku poets worldwide to the AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018.

We will be holding a Haiku String during the day of the Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice, which occurs in Australia on Thursday 21st June, 2018. The String will remain open for contributions until Saturday 23rd June to accommodate international poets who may wish to take part. Continue reading “Announcement: Forthcoming AHS Winter Solstice Haiku String 2018”

Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 2 June 2018

Members met at the Box Factory for our meeting on 2 June, with Maeve Archibald as our workshop presenter.

The meeting consisted of a series of exercises designed to stimulate ideas for writing haibun. Maeve presented each exercise and the participants wrote, and then read what they had written. We hope, of course, that this will result in some worthwhile haibun being developed after the meeting.

So that other groups can share the workshop ideas, we have added them below this report. Continue reading “Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 2 June 2018”

Echidna Tracks: Call For Submissions For New On-Line Australian Haiku Collection

Call for Submissions: Echidna Tracks Issue 1: Places We Live: Cities, Suburbs, Towns

Echidna Tracks

Share with us your haiku aha moments that give life to your observations, feelings and thoughts of times spent in Australian cities, towns or suburbs.

Whether you have lived in such places or come and gone as a visitor we’d love an insight into your experience. Does your doorway open onto a cottage garden, a gnome cluttered lawn or the hallway of a high-rise flat?

Tell us some of the goings-on in your street or neighbourhood.  Our topic is open to every aspect of urban culture and landscape.

Most importantly it is your experience of life in the cities, towns or suburbs we want, authentic and real.

Announcement of New On-Line Australian Haiku Collection

Echidna Tracks has been established to form a new on-line collection website for Australian Haiku. See Echidna Tracks page on AHS website.

Watch for the call for submissions for Issue 1 of Echidna Tracks.

Some haiku has already been included on the website to give contributors an idea of how work will be displayed.



AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Seasonal Results with comments by judge Ron Moss



First Place

laid to rest
her body sinking
into stone

Quendryth Young

This is an evocative haiku that struck me on the very first reading. The art of linking to an image works best if it is subtle and full of interconnections that are not immediately obvious. The mention of stone is there, but then the imagination is let loose and we wonder who, or what, the body is and how it can be sinking into stone. So many of the finest haiku take us to places we would not normally go and leave us to explore the depth of their impact. The effect is a very pleasing haiga where we can journey between the image and words and find little treasures of insight.

Continue reading “AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Seasonal Results with comments by judge Ron Moss”

AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Non Seasonal Results with comments by judge Ron Moss



First Place

lingering here – all my previous lives

Sheila K. Barksdale

The image I selected for the Kukai had an interesting collection of items lit by early morning sunlight in the curiosity shop window. The winning haiku connects deeply with the image without using description. Instead it immediately sets the scene for more investigation and wonder. The unusual one line construction with a break in the middle adds a visual element that focuses on the evocative “lingering here’’. The ancient symbols of everlasting life glow and glitter and are reflected in the haiku. Much is achieved with only six words and as with all good haiga we can move back and forwards between the haiku and image and discover that they create something unique together.

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Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 7 April 2018

Our April meeting at the Box Factory was a workshop of members’ Japanese genre poetry written in response to the challenge set last meeting of writing about animals. Other subject matter was also workshopped.  

There was a vigorous discussion of the work presented, mostly haiku, with a sprinkling of tanka/kyoka. We also explored more general principles of writing haiku.

We were pleased to welcome Jeremy Ng to his first attendance at the group. Continue reading “Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 7 April 2018”

Call for Submissions: AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Non-Seasonal


The Australian Haiku Society Autumn Haiga Kukai 2018 is now open for entries.
We invite poets to send one haiku per image until 28th March. The winning haiku will be displayed on the AHS website.
Please note that if more than one haiku per image is submitted by any individual, only the first haiku sent will be considered.
Submissions will only be accepted if entered in the comments section. Continue reading “Call for Submissions: AHS Autumn 2018 Haiga Kukai: Non-Seasonal”