Red Dragonflies – Winter Meeting 2012

On Saturday 28th July the Red Dragonflies met at Lesley Walter’s home for a very enjoyable and entertaining meeting which was fuelled by Lesley’s delicious chocolate cake with cream and berries. All six members were present.

We discussed haiku we’d written as a result of the preset exercises. Our haiku were on the subject of pens, birds and wool, the latter generating much discussion on sheep and shearing practises and led some of us to reminisce about our farming days. We also workshopped haiku anonymously and discussed context in haiku as well as how far it is possible to push ‘rules’ and expectations of haiku. We resolved to have a renku party at our next meeting in September.

Vanessa Proctor

Cloudcatchers’ Ginko No.26 (Winter 2012)

Torakina Park, Brunswick Heads, NSW.

Thursday August 9th 2012

Ten of us gathered at Torakina Park, one of our favourite meeting places. Sadly Quendryth, who organises and has always introduced these events, was unable to be with us due to illness in her family. She was greatly missed.

We greeted old friends and newer members, chatting in the familiar environment before dispersing with our notebooks into the park.

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Bindii Ginko 4 August 2012

For our August meeting, Bindii members attended a ginko at the Art Gallery. Some sought inspiration at a special exhibition, while others wandered through the art works, and into the sights and sounds of North Terrace.
This was followed by afternoon tea at the Museum Cafe next door, where we shared our discoveries and musings. Although not all had poetry to share, it was agreed that a ginko provides a focal point for the creative process. As a result, I’m sure many poems have since been written.

Lee Bentley