Australians featuring in “re: Virals” once again

A regular weekly winner of the “re” Virals” feature on The Haiku Foundation website, Jo McInerney has been successful once more.

Following her response to a haiku by Gary Hotham (‘evening loon call’), Jo has chosen a poem by a fellow Australian haiku poet – Ron C. Moss – for discussion in this week’s upcoming posting of “re: Virals”:

on wet sand
the crab’s skeleton
reaches out to sea

– from ‘Last visit’ (2002)

With further details provided below, readers are encouraged to respond, with guidelines to be found at this link:

By way of background, Jo McInerney herself advises that Ron Moss’ haibun from which the selected haiku arose – ‘Last Visit’ – won first prize through Beverley George’s old journal Yellow Moon, in its International Seed Pearls Competition – in August, 2002 – as judged by the late Janice M Bostok, with this work being subsequently published in Yellow Moon itself (Issue 12, Summer 2002). ‘Last visit’ can still be accessed through this link:

Jo McInerney goes on to advise that Ron C. Moss later used this poem in one-line form in a haiga that can likewise be found here:



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