geisha flower
one rain drop

Rumi Komonz


Poised and balanced, this rain drop has great aesthetic appeal. There is no mention of colour but I imagine it present non-the-less in the colour of the flower, whatever that may be, magnified in the droplet. The droplet; smooth and curved in the way of water, pure and pristine, with the world outside reflected in its inner space – is an idealised beauty. The poet wrote this haiku thinking of the geisha Ikumatsu, and provided us with a space to contemplate the geisha tradition and the ideals it upheld. Is the flower resting easy or does it teeter under the weight of the rain drop? Is the droplet serenely still or does it quiver; this is an extraordinarily delicate haiku. Kneeling to take a closer look, for this droplet and flower beckon to be seen up close, what do you see . . .

Publication credit: Newsletter of the Association of New Elderly Inc.

Selection & comments by Simon Hanson

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