CWA stall
elbows compete
for the ‘best bake’

Lee Bentley


A familiar sight at a church fete, community fundraiser or town fair; not only does this haiku capture the bustle and enthusiasm of a lifeful moment with its original and well-chosen words, elbows compete,  but it captures too something of the spirit of a wider culture.  The Country Women’s Association is renowned for classic recipes along with their generosity in supporting all manner of worthy causes.  One is reminded here of the comradery of women, ever finding ways to enjoy each other’s company and of the great network of recipe sharing down and across generations and cultures.  This brings to mind a fond memory of mum’s well used Green and Gold cookery book laying on a kitchen bench top dusted with flour; interesting the train of thoughts that might follow reading a good haiku. ‘Can i have that last remaining lamington please; blue ribbon at the Royal Adelaide Show you say?  I’m not surprised – and I might grab that pavlova as well, it’s just too good to resist.’

First Published:  Windfall: Australian Haiku, Issue 1 2013

Selection & comments by Simon Hanson

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