Gathering of Haiku @ The Oaks, Canberra on Monday 5 December 2016

A warm morning to match the warmth of our keenness as we all gathered at the Botanic Gardens.  Our usual venue of The Oaks Brassiere is closed on Mondays – but this was the day Beverley George was in town!  We were delighted to welcome her to our table – Gregory Piko, Kathy Kituai, Glenys Ferguson, Marietta McGregor and Jan Dobb.  A whisper had reached us that it was Beverley’s birthday so our morning took off with cake, candle and song.

First came Gregory’s exciting news that his website is up and running in time for the launch of his book in the new year.  (He was in the throes of setting the site up last time we met.)  Amid our loud and hearty congratulations he distributed cards with the details.  Please do check it out.  You’re bound to be impressed!

Then some unexpected gift-giving took place, a sort of Santa spirit at this time of year!  Beverley generously arrayed a selection of haiku/tanka material for our choosing, Marietta distributed attractive prints of her haiga and Glenys, who is a talented quilter as well as poet, gave each of us a quilted Christmas star.


Photo taken by Gregory Piko.

L to R: Glenys Ferguson, Marietta McGregor, Beverley George, Kathy Kituai and Jan Dobb

As usual, the morning buzzed with laughter and earnest discussion as we indulged our passion for haiku and tanka.  Kathy and Jan circulated a couple of books they’d recently been impressed with and these were noted down.  But of course, the highlight of the morning was to soak up some of Beverley’s experience and wisdom and to toss her some questions.  We so appreciated her warm and ready friendship. Thank you Beverley.  The hours passed far too quickly.  Alas, the parking metres were running out . . .

Haiku @ The Oaks has no set agenda and we enjoy the informality. There is certainly plenty to talk about!  Any haiku poets visiting Canberra are welcome to join with us over a cuppa.  We like visitors.  So if you let us know you’re coming, we’ll aim for a morning to coincide with your stay.

Jan Dobb

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