Lorin Ford’s haiku for comment in re: Virals  

This week the following one-line haiku by Australian haiku poet Lorin Ford has been chosen for comment in re: Virals 66, on The Haiku Foundation website:

she waves a thin blue scarf becoming sky

— Lorin Ford, tinywords 15:2 (2015)

Sheila Sondik selected Lorin’s haiku, after her own response to Patrick Sweeney’s “in my other life” was chosen as the latest weekly winner in re: Virals, viewable at this link:


Comments on Lorin’s haiku are welcome. These need to be placed in the Contact box at The Haiku Foundation website by midnight on Tuesday (Eastern US time), using the subject heading “re: Virals”. Selected responses will be posted next Friday.

Rodney Williams
Australian Haiku Society

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