Lorin Ford’s Commentaries in re:Virals 75 & 76

Lorin Ford has had particularly interesting commentaries selected for The Haiku Foundation’s re:Virals for the last two weeks running. Last week her comments related to a haiku by Allan Burns and this week to a haiku she selected by Jim Kacian.

Both commentaries and relevant haiku can be found here.

Her chosen haiku for consideration and commentary for this coming week is one by the Australian poet Scott Terrill –

southern humpback –
…………………..miles of ocean
………pushing back

First published: A Hundred Gourds 1.2 (2012)

Anyone is invited (and encouraged) to comment on haiku posted in re:Virals and selected commentaries will be posted in part or in full on the THF website along with the opportunity to select the next haiku for consideration. Comments need to be sent to the THF Contact box by Tuesday midnight (Eastern US Time Zone).


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