Members’ News – February, 2017

Australian poets to enjoy haiku-based successes across the month of February include Earl Livings, Marietta McGregor and Simon Hanson.

Earl Livings has had one of his poems voted as being among the top three haiku published in Ireland’s Shamrock Haiku Journal during 2016.

Marietta McGregor’s work in haiku has been recognised within a Mann Library feature.

Marietta also gained an Honourable Mention in the Iris Little Haiku Contest conducted by the Three Rivers Haiku Association in Croatia, as did Simon Hanson.

Newly appointed as the Secretary for the Australian Haiku Society, Simon has likewise recently had a photo haiku selected for the NHK Haiku Masters series, where it has been incorporated into a TV / Internet broadcast program.

Earl Livings’ haiku – recognised within the top three in the Shamrock Readers’ Choice Awards – reads as follows:

that moment between
dead brown leaf
and butterfly

– Earl Livings, Shamrock #35

Full results can be accessed through this address:

Marietta McGregor’s Mann Library haiku feature can be viewed at this link:

With entries received from 98 contributors for the Iris Little Haiku Contest, Jim Kacian adjudged two haiku written by Australians as being worthy of Honourable Mentions:

even black beans
and rice remember battles . . .
moros y cristianos

– Marietta McGregor

lentils and kidney beans
learning to count
in ones and tens

– Simon Hanson

Full results from Croatia can be viewed here:

Simon Hanson’s further success with having a photo haiku selected for the NHK Haiku Masters series can be accessed through these links:

Congratulations to Earl Livings, Marietta McGregor and Simon Hanson, as well as to all other Australian haiku poets gaining recognition for their work during February.

Rodney Williams
Outgoing Secretary
Australian Haiku Society

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