Bowerbird Tanka Group meeting #16 March 11, 2017

The 16th Bowerbird Tanka Group Meeting was a lively one, enhanced by David Terelinck’s presentation on combining tanka with photographic art.  A report by Carmel Summers and appraisals of favourite tanka presented by Dy Andreasen, Carol Judkins and Catherine Smith are available here. Carmel’s report includes information on the activities of other tanka groups. This shared information is included in every Bowerbird meeting.

The anthology “A Temple Bell Sounds”: 108 tanka from the first twenty-one issues of Eucalypt: a tanka journal selected by the journal’s founding editor Beverley George, was launched at Beecroft bookshop by Kiyoko Ogawa on February 18th. It has met with a wonderfully warm reception and is over 80% sold out already.

So many wonderful comments have been received, including from Japan, but may I share one here from John Quinnett.

A Temple Bell Sounds arrived safely and I’ve been reading and re-reading it for days.  You and Matthew have created an enduring work of art in my humble estimation.  From start to finish it exudes a spirit of loving care I find truly unique. The production values are particularly fine.  I could go on and on.  I simply haven’t seen a tanka anthology to equal it.  Congratulations!
…………… John    (Quinnett)

Beverley George
Convenor Bowerbird Tanka Group

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