Roberta Beary’s Visit to Melbourne

On Monday 13th March, a group of poets met at Ola Cohn’s Fairies Tree in Melbourne’s iconic Fitzroy Gardens to meet with Roberta Beary, the Haiku Foundation’s Roving Ambassador.

Tucked away from the busy activities of Melbourne’ s Moomba festival, the expanse of grass lawns and trees were a perfect location.

Those who attended were Sophia Frentz, Jayashree Maniyill, Janet Howie, Lorin Ford, Madhuri Pillai, Marisa Fazio, Takanori Hayakawa, Ela Fornalska and Jennifer Sutherland.

It was a sunny day so after strolling along the pathway, a spot to sit was established in the shade of the elm trees where we enjoyed a pleasant breeze.

Roberta talked of her experience with the Towpath Haiku group, her experiences with the publication of her first collection “The Unworn Necklace” published by Snapshot Press, the current popularity of haibun and the general submission process.

Roberta’s easygoing style and warmth encouraged the group to ask questions that prompted much discussion and sharing of experience and opinion.
Kookaburras in the surrounding trees echoed the occasional laughter of poets.

As we left the gardens, we visited the conservatory to admire the colourful display of fuchsias and begonias and take some photos before wishing Roberta all the best for her haiku travels.

Jennifer Sutherland


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