Members’ News May 2017

With May behind us, the southern hemisphere autumn now heads towards winter while across the equator spring moves toward summer; so the world turns. Wherever you are we hope May has been an enjoyable month for you as we look forward to a creatively productive June.

Groups and Gatherings

Jan Dobb reminds us that Canberra’s autumn this year is more stunning than ever. You can catch up on the latest news and revisit the most recent gathering of Haiku@theOaks here.

Haiku Guidelines e-brochure

The Sydney School of Arts & Humanities have kindly made available a pdf of Quendryth Young’s A Haiku Workshop – Guidelines for writing English language haiku. The e-brochure is available for free download.

The guidelines presented in this e-brochure are stated with exceptional clarity. As is stated in these guidelines it is well to remember that haiku is an evolving art form and we expect will continue to be so. As is the case in all areas of the creative arts various definitions and guidelines continue to be the subject of lively discussion and debate. These guidelines are an invaluable contribution to that discussion.

re:Virals 89

Nathan Sidney has again had a commentary selected by The Haiku Foundation to feature in re:Virals. Nathan’s insightful comments here, along with those of Marion Clarke are well worth reading in relation to Lorin Ford’s haiku – fish story – selected the week prior by Gary Eaton.  It is interesting to read Lorin’s own account on the origin of this haiku that can be found in the comments link for re:Virals 89.

Anyone is invited (and encouraged) to comment on haiku posted in re:Virals and selected commentaries will be posted in part or in full on the THF website along with the opportunity to select the next haiku for consideration. Comments need to be sent to the THF Contact box by Tuesday midnight (Eastern US Time Zone).


NHK Haiku Masters

Madhuri Pillai has again had a photo haiku selected for the Japanese Haiku Masters TV and multimedia site. Scroll down the link above to view all the photo haiku selected for the month of May.

Madhuri Pillai

      grapevine . . .
the story takes on
different flavours

Madhuri Pillai

This fine photo haiku by Madhuri was awarded runner up.

Ram N had the following evocative haiku selected in the Haiku This Photo section

the shodo master
splashes ink


Haiku Masters awaits your creative submissions!


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